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MES S.p.A.

MES – Meccanica per l’Elettronica e Servomeccanismi –, established in 1958, is a private stock company with headquarters in Rome operating in the defense and security sectors.

On March 2010, the Company became part of EOS Group – an Italian Private Company – and in addition to the improvement to the traditional “core business” consisting of Design and Manufacture of mechanical and electro-mechanical components and complex assy, for air, naval and land applications, chaff and flares dispensers and Sono-boe, night and day drive visors for armored vehicles, weapon system maintenance and upgrading, has extended his business to the design and manufacture of munitions and electronic fuzes, bullet proof plates, and fast patrol boats for homeland security.

Among various industrial and commercial agreements with major Players worldwide, it is worth of mention, the industrial agreement in place with AID -Agenzia Industrie Difesa, part of Italian Ministry of Defence, for the co-production of ammunition and fuzes of different calibers.

Starting from January 2016, MES shall enter in the field of medical care, with the manufacture and sale of exoskeleton for civil use.